17.08.22 - 21.08.22

The Cassoulet Festival

Delicious Stew: La Fête du Cassoulet

It stews in the oven for hours. And when a crust forms, it is stirred. The ritual is repeated seven times: only then is the cassoulet ready.

The traditional stew of white beans, bacon, cured pork and sausages is the national dish of Occitania - the Roman-influenced part of southern France.

Colourful Pots: La Fête du Cassoulet

The name derives from the cassole used to prepare it: An earthen, usually colourful ceramic mould made entirely by hand in Uxel, a small village near Castelnaudary.


There, the inhabitants celebrate their big cassoulet festival every August: with flower parade and boat race, city run and street music, pottery workshops and traditional parade of the brotherhood of the cassoulet.


Stand with beans for the traditional cassoulet

A market with agricultural and handicraft products, live music in the evening and various activities for children are also part of the programme. And of course, cassoulet is prepared and distributed to visitors during the holidays.


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The Cassoulet Festival
  • Location: Castelnaudary in the department of Aude in the Languedoc-Roussillon region.
  • Date: End of August
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