25.11.23 - 26.11.23

The Taste of Lanzarote

Gourmet festival in Lanzarote

Deep black lava soils where wines or sweet potatoes thrive, crystal clear sea water, in which particularly tasty shrimps can be found.

Or boiling hot holes in the ground that function as grills: The Canary Island of Lanzarote is full of culinary specialities.


Vintage on Lanzarote

These can be discovered at the annual Festival Enogastronómico Saborea Lanzarote. M
ore than 100 exhibitors present their products at the event, including winegrowers, farmers, cheesemakers and bakers. Lovers of local specialities - such as the red gambas of La Santa, or the Malvasia or Moscatel wines - can taste them on the spot as they please.

Lavagrill on Lanzarote


Bodegas offer wine tastings, restaurants serve their best dishes in tapas portions for one euro each and Spanish star chefs interpret the island's culinary traditions in their own way.


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The taste of Lanzarote
  • Location: Centre of Teguise on Lanzarote
  • Date: End of November
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