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Wine Festival in Jumilla

Poster for the grape harvest festival in Jumilla 2017

Jumilla is a wine-growing region in the Spanish region of Murcia
. On around 41,000 hectares the winegrowers mainly grow the Monastrell variety - from which they produce mostly alcoholic heavy red wines, which have gained in quality in recent years.


Jumilla grape harvest festival: Corso of the wine growers

The centre of the region is the town of Jumilla, situated on a hill on which Iberians and Romans settled.
Since 1972, the traditional grape harvest festival has been held here, an event that attracts around 100,000 visitors every year.

Grape treading competition

During the festival there are a number of competitions, all of which focus on the theme of wine, including the best Monastrell grape or the fastest Pisaores: the one who presses the most must with his feet from 50 kilos of grapes in three minutes wins.


Sports and cultural events are also on the agenda and a kind of wine king, queen and princess will be chosen to represent the wine region for a year.


Wine battle at the grape harvest festival in Jumilla

The highlight of the Vendimia is the corso of wine-growers, who walk through the streets on colourfully decorated wagons - accompanied by music bands - and distribute wine to the crowd.
The latter follows the procession, dances and pours the precious grape juice liter by liter.


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Wine festival in Jumilla
  • Location: Old town of Jumilla, Murcia
  • Date: Second third in August
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