09.03.24 - 24.03.24

Wismar Herring Days

The first herring of the year at the Wismar Herring Days

In the old days, when fishing was still full of dangers, the fishermen's wives would stand at the harbour days before the expected return of the fishing fleets and look out to sea.
When the first mast was then spotted on the horizon and the first ships  - full of herring  - landed, the joy was great.

Arrival of the herring at the Wismar Herring Days

The first catch was duly celebrated. And it is still the same today as it was 100 years ago - at the Wismar Herring Festival.
The day begins with the collection of the freshly landed herring at the Old Harbour, after which the chefs, accompanied by a brass band, parade to the market square, where the mayor of the Hanseatic city opens the Herring Days.


Smoked herring at the Wismar Herring Days

Herring will be fried and sold on the market square. The Dorf Mecklenburg brass band, the shanty choir "Blänke" and Clown Klecks will provide the atmosphere.
At noon, participating restaurants will serve herring dishes and in the afternoon there will also be a public guided tour of the town.


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Wismar Herring Days
  • Location: Old harbour and market place of Wismar
  • Date: Beginning of March
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