07.05.23 - 13.05.23

Tinos Food Path Feast

On Tinos, one of the more than 30 islands of the Cyclades, the inhabitants celebrate their culinary festival Food Path at the beginning of May. more…

06.05.23 - 07.05.23

Market of PDO products

Camembert and Calvados: At the annual market of Normandy PDO products, producers from Normandy show their products of controlled origin. more…

21.04.23 - 07.05.23

Orange Festival in Sóller

Through the cultivation of citrus fruits, Sóller achieved some prosperity at the beginning of the 20th century. Today, it is tourists who provide income in the small municipality in the Tramuntana Mountains. Many travel to the small town on the Orange Express, which was put into service in 1912, not a few for the annual Orange Festival. more…