18.11.23 - 19.11.23

Feast of Oil and Wine

Prim'olio Primovino is the name of a festival in the historic center of Camaiore, in the province of Lucca, which highlights oil, wine and other local products of the region. more…

12.11.23 - 19.11.23

Tufa Cave Chesse Festival

Spicy Parmesan, creamy Mozzarella or spicy Gorgonzola: Italy is rich in cheese specialities. A very special cheese matures in a tuff cave in the municipality of Talamello near Rimini: Formaggio di Fossa, the tufa cave cheese. more…

11.11.23 - 19.11.23

Festa del Torrone

Cremona is considered the birthplace of the Torrone. Whether the sticky candy made from almonds and honey actually comes from the more than 2200-year-old town on the Po is not documented. What is certain, however, is that the festival in honour of the delicacy is one of the highlights in Lombardy's calendar of events. more…