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Chesnut-Festival, Elos


In Crete, chestnut trees grow exclusively in the wetter mountainous regions of the west - especially in Elo, a small municipality near the famous Agía Sofia Cave in the north of Chania Prefecture.
Thanks to the relatively mild climate, some trees here live to be around 100 years old - and bear abundant fruit every year. Harvest time is early autumn. Then, on the first weekend after 20 October, the inhabitants of Elos celebrate the most famous chestnut festival on the island.

Chestnut Festival in Elos

On long grills along the village road the chestnuts lie in rank and file and roast in the embers. Other stalls offer sweets and pastries made from chestnuts.
The participants drink Tsikoudi - a typical regional brandy based on raki and honey - with the fruits or biscuits. The village festival is also accompanied by traditional music groups.

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Chesnut-Festival, Elos
  • Location: Elos, prefecture of Chania in Crete, Greece
  • Date: The weekend after 20 October

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