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Chestnut Days in South Tyrol

In South Tyrol, Keschtnriggl is the name given to the basket in which the freshly roasted chestnuts are freed from their shells by shaking them.
But Keschtnriggl also stands for the Chestnut Days in Tisens, Prissian, Völlan and Lana, which honour the typical South Tyrolean fruit with a series of events.

The event, which lasts several days, opens with a presentation and tasting of chestnut specialities in one of South Tyrol's many castles: in 2016, for example, in Fahlburg Castle, which was converted into a Renaissance castle in 1615.
This is followed by the Keschtnfestl in Völlan with peasant dishes, handicraft and chestnut market.

Guests can experience a chestnut harvest for themselves with old utensils and then roast the Keschtn on an open fire.
Or enjoy a multi-course chestnut menu on a torchlight hike at night to three castles. Tours are also organised on the South Tyrolean Keschtn adventure trail with culinary stops at farms and wine estates.

A traditional highlight is the Törggelefest in Tisens with a historical parade, music bands and Schuhplattlern, farmers' and crafts market and children's programme.
Smaller Törggele and Keschnfestln take place every few days in the village and town hall squares of Völlan, Lana and Tisens - with baking and cooking classes or workshops on the topic of nutrition. And the restaurants in the area offer special chestnut menus during the event.

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Chestnut Days in South Tyrol
  • Location: In the villages of Tisen, Prissian, Völlan and Lana in South Tyrol
  • Date: The last two weeks of October
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