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Chestnut Festival in Lovran

Opatija Riviera: coastal road

At the foot of Mount Učka on the Opatjia Riviera in northern Croatia grows the Maruni: a type of chestnut that, because of its size and fine taste, was an important export product of the region as early as the 17th century. The tasty nut is the focus of a three-day event in Lovran in the fall: the Marunda Festival.

Chestnuts in the cauldron

On the Freedom Square there are large metal pans from which the tempting smell of roasted chestnuts wafts into the treetops.
Next door on a stage the wind orchestra of the seaside resort plays and folklore groups, also from other parts of the country, perform.
Chestnut products are offered at stalls and the cafes and restaurants around the square provide guests with seasonal chestnut dishes.

The sporting character of the event is provided by the bocce tournament and a fishing contest, there are also mountain bike tours to the mountains organized hikes with the possibility of harvesting chestnuts.
Similar events are held - a week before or after in neighboring Liganj and Dobrec.

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Chestnut Festival in Lovran
  • Location: Lovran, Kvarner - Croatia
  • Date: End of October

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