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Green Sauce Festival

Gree Soß: Frankfurt's national dish

It is a legend that the cold herb sauce was the favourite dish of the poet prince Johann Wolfgang von Goethe, which his mother Aja had to cook for him time and again: The dish was first mentioned in the banking city around 1850, by which time the privy councillor was long dead.
But this does not detract from the popularity of the herb packets, which can be bought all over Frankfurt from Maundy Thursday until autumn.

Marquee at the Green Sauce Festival

Washed and finely chopped, the seven herbs are traditionally mixed with sour cream and served with hard-boiled eggs and jacket potatoes. However, the Green Sauce Festival, which has been taking place since 2008, is more creative: 49 restaurateurs from Frankfurt and the surrounding area present their best recipe ideas - seven different sauces on seven evenings, which are tasted and judged in the marquee at Roßmarkt.

Cider served during the Green Sauce Festival

The respective daily winners compete against each other on the eighth day - and the audience votes for the best green sauce of the year.
The week is hosted by host and initiator of the event Anton Le Goff and Hilde from Bornheim.
Every evening, the two local heroes welcome musicians, comedians and other cabaret artists from Hesse, who give the event a worthy, not always entirely serious setting.

One day before the actual festival, the Green Sauce Market opens between Roßmarkt and Hauptwache. Here visitors can try the classic Grüne Sauce with potato and eggs, schnitzel or steak - or dare to try exotic variations with Arabic or Caribbean influences. Two open-air stages with regional and international music provide entertainment.

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Green Sauce Festival
  • Location: Roßmarkt, Frankfurt am Main
  • Date: Mid-May
  • Price: The event is partly chargeable
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