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Greyerzer Double Creme Festival

Gruyère: picture-book town in the canton of Fribourg

Greyerz lies at the entrance to the upper Saane valley in the canton of Fribourg: a medieval town
with a magnificent count's castle, decorative rows of houses from the 15th to 17th centuries and a Renaissance kennel that is well worth a visit.

Speciality from Gruyère: Meringue with double cream and fresh berries

However, the municipality is best known for its cheese: the semi-hard Gruyère or Gruyerzer.
And the double cream, a firm cream with up to 45 percent fat. It refines cakes, soups and pasta dishes, but above all it is served in Gruyère as meringue with berries.

Double cream festival in Gruyères

During the Double Cream Festival at the beginning of June, visitors to Gruyère can sample the Double Cream in soups, hearty dishes such as Alpermacaroni or sweet dishes such as the famous Meringues: a meringue with fresh berries and a good dash of double cream.


Poya, traditional mountain lift in Gruyères

The popular dessert spurs the bakers of the region to a record attempt: at the festival they bake the largest meringues in the world - a length of 100 metres has to be beaten.
Another highlight is the traditional Poya, the alpine procession of the Gruyere cows without whose excellent milk the festival would not have been possible. 

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Greyerzer Double Creme Festival
  • Location: Gruyère in the canton of Fribourg, Switzerland
  • Date: early March
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