27.10.23 - 29.10.23

Raclette World Championship

Morgins in Dents du Midi, Valais

The Valais is considered the birthplace of raclette. As early as the Middle Ages, shepherds are said to have placed half a wheel of cheese over the embers of a campfire and then scraped off the melted cheese and eaten it with a loaf of bread.
However, the name "raclette" - from the French "racler", meaning "to scrape" - first appears in 1812 in a book by H. Schiner about traditions in the Val d Anniviers.

Cheese in cellar

What is certain is that raclette is considered the national dish of the Swiss and is as much a part of a proper party in Valais as bratwurst is here. But who makes the best raclette?
These questions will be answered at the 1st Official World Championship in the holiday village of Morgins in the Dents du Midi region.

Raclette by the fire

The best cheeses will be chosen in various categories: Raclette made from raw milk, Raclette made from raw milk from mountain pastures, Raclette made from pasteurised milk and Special Raclette.
The jury consists of 40 people: Five experts from the world of raclette, five restaurateurs and 30 consumers who have registered in advance.

Classic: Raclette with potatoes and pickles

Throughout the weekend, a raclette village with around 20 stands will be set up in the Salle de la Jeur in Morgins. Visitors will be able to taste various cheeses from Switzerland.
A workshop will show how to scrape the raclette properly. There will also be live music and a programme for children.

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Raclette World Championship
  • Location: Morgins in the canton of Valais
  • Date: Mid-October
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