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Cherry Festival in Kerteminde

Traditional houses in Kerteminde

See - hear - taste: this is the motto under which the inhabitants of Kerteminde on the Danish island of Funen have been celebrating the Cherry Festival for about ten years.
On the third weekend in July, art, music and culinary experiences are offered around the sweet, red fruit.

Cherry blossom in Kerteminde

The festival has its origins in the long tradition of cherry growing in north-eastern Funen. The many hours of sunshine and the relatively mild climate, which rarely lowers temperatures below freezing even in winter, have always encouraged fruit growing.


The Kerteminde Cherry Festival in Funen

Around 15 tonnes of cherries are harvested by the region's farmers every year - including home-grown varieties such as the Arslev or the Langeskov cherry. During the celebrations, numerous artists open their studios and invite visitors to take a tour.


Simply delicious: dessert variation at the Kerteminde Cherry Festival

Bands play in the centre of Kerteminde, while choirs sing traditional Danish songs in the garden of the Johannes Larsen Museum.
The cafés and restaurants are also all about the red fruit, serving homemade waffles with cherry soft ice cream, Kransekage - a marzipan almond pastry - with cherries or fish balls with cherry remoulade. To drink, of course, there is cherry juice and cherry beer.

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Cherry Festival in Kerteminde
  • Location: Kerteminde on the island of Funen, Denmark
  • Date: Third weekend in July
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