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Oechsle Festival in Pforzheim

Dirndl wearers at the Oechsle Festival in Pforzheim

In the record summer of 2003, winemaker Markus Molitor reported 331 degrees Oechsle when harvesting his Riesling grapes: a world record.
The must weight - responsible for the sweetness of the wine and the possible alcohol content - was made measurable in 1836 by the Pforzheim goldsmith Christian Ferdinand Oechsle - with the invention of the must scale.
In honour of this invention, which was so important for viticulture, the Oechsle Festival, which lasts several days, has been celebrated in Pforzheim every year since 1986, from the end of August to the beginning of September.

Visitors to the Oechsle Festival in Pforzheim

Eight festively decorated arbours on the town's market square offer more than 200 different wines from Baden-Württemberg, including the Oechsle Gold, Rubin and Rosé wines pressed especially for the festival weeks.
In addition, there is a selection of dishes and specialities from Baden-Swabian cuisine such as Flädlesuppe, Maultäschle with onion melting and other pasta dishes.

Oechsle Festival in Pforzheim: Visitors in traditional costume

Around 25 bands and music groups of different styles perform on stage and there are various theme nights.
Sometimes the organisers invite visitors to a Dirndl evening, where they should come in traditional costume if possible, then there is a Secco night, where the focus is on sparkling cocktails.
Finally, at the sparkler finale, around 5000 guests transform the market square into a sparkling sea of lights.

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Oechsle Festival in Pforzheim
  • Location: Market Place in Pforzheim
  • Date: End of August until beginning of September
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