Dedicated to the goat: The Chabichou cheese route

Chabichou, Chèvre-Boite or Coeur Poitevin: Cheese from Poitou-Charentes in the west of France is mainly made from goat's milk, so the regional holiday route Route du Chabichou is dedicated to goat's cheese. On around 33 stages, travellers can visit dairies and and learn how the 15 different types of cheese in the region are made.
Cattle breeders show their herds and explain to those interested the differences between the four breeds - Saanen, Poitevine, Alpine and Pyréenne - which are traditionally kept here. Best time to visit: September, during the Saint-Michel cheese festival.

Delicious Atlantic: The Irish Seafood Trail

Oyster farms, salmon smokehouses and lobster beds: From the Inishowen Peninsula in the north to Oysterhaven Bay in Cork, the Irish Seafood Trail runs for more than 700 kilometres along the Wild West Coast of Ireland - past local fishing businesses to seafood bars, gourmet restaurants and delicatessens. A total of 22 points of contact.
Visitors to the trail learn how seafood is prepared, how oysters are celebrated in Ireland or how special aromas are created when salmon is smoked, for example using peat or oak wood. Best time to visit: September. Then the annual Oyster Festival takes place in Gallway.

River landscape near Arbo in Pontevedra

Delicious fossil: The route of the lamprey

The lamprey has been populating the earth for 500 million years - only a few creatures are older. The gill-bearing vertebrate, which lives in coastal waters and spawns in the upper reaches of rivers, finds ideal conditions in Galicia. Particularly on the border river Miño there are still large populations that are fished - as in Roman times. 
Since 2016 a tourist route has been running along the Tambre, Ulla and Miño rivers. Interested people can learn about centuries-old fishing methods, learn about the animal's way of life or enjoy a typical lamprey dish in a restaurant along the way. Best time to visit: mid-April, when the festival of the lamprey begins in Arbo.