Valley in Valbure

Educational: The chestnut road of the Mugello

Mugello is the name of a landscape north of Florence, rich in cultural treasures - and chestnuts. The bread of the poor was cultivated here for centuries, the tree provided food, fuel and timber for the inhabitants of the mountainous region. Forgotten in the course of industrialisation, the old tradition has been reviving in the municipality of Marradi since the 1980s.
This is also the starting point of the Mugello chestnut road - to centuries-old chestnut groves, to mills that process the fruit into flour and carpentries that make artistic products from the wood. At the Chestnut Documentation Centre in Marradi, visitors can find out all there is to know about the tree.

Apple orchard in Herefordshire

England's apple orchard: The Herefordshire Cider Route

63 million gallons of cider are produced in Herefordshire County each year - that´s more than half of the UK's cider production. The apple plantations - established 350 years ago - cover an area of 9500 hectares and transform the landscape into a sea of white and pink flowers in spring.
The cider route runs right through the middle of the orchards, stopping at the farms and breweries that present their products to visitors. Pubs also offer cider or perry, pear wine and in Hereford itself, a cider museum with old mills and presses awaits visitors.

Excellent!: The Istrian roads of olive oil

Istria's olive oil enjoys the highest esteem among connoisseurs: 2017, Flos Olei, the most important trade journal for olive oils in the world, selected 61 oil producers from the peninsula among the top 500 worldwide - more than from Tuscany.
Those who want to taste some of the excellent products can do so on a journey through the Istrian Olive Oil Road. Dozens of small and medium-sized producers - from Umag in the north to Pula in the south - open their mills to visitors. Walking or cycling tours through ancient olive groves alternate with swimming on the coast. But also culture lovers will have a lot of fun: for example in the old Roman city of Pula with its ancient amphitheatre.