Show dairy in Affoltern

Swiss original: The Emmental Cheese Route

From Finland to Turkey: Emmental cheese is produced in dozens of countries. But the original comes from the Bernese Mittelland. There - between Burgdorf and Langnau - the Emmental Cheese Route leads past around 21 stations of cheese production and enjoyment.
The starting point of the 78-kilometre route is Burgdorf Castle. Among other things, the high aristocratic castle houses a museum of ethnology and gold jewellery. The tour continues to the show cheese dairy in Affoltern and to Langnau - the region's cheese port. In between: Small cheese dairies that invite you to try cheese.

In search of chestnuts in the Palatinate

The bread of the poor: The Palatinate Chesnut Trail

It is 60 kilometres long - and runs through the Pfälzerwald-Nordvogesen Nature Park: The Palatinate Keschdeweg (Chestnut Trail). The best time for a hike along the Chestnut Trail is June when the trees are in bloom or October when the fruits are ripe.
Then the region's restaurateurs offer special chestnut menus such as the Keschdesupp (Chestnut soup) or the hearty Chestnut pigs stomach (Saumagen) until November. Chestnut markets and festivals are organised. And along the route, winegrowers invite lords of castles and palaces to visit.

The cheese star of Extremadura:Route of the Torta del Casar

From the Sierra de San Pedro to the Sierra de Montánchez extend the areas of the Torta del Casar, that melted soft cheese from Extremadura, which is one of the best cheeses in Spain. The Ruta de la Torta del Casar takes the traveller to the producers of this exceptional cheese. 
It passes through historic sites such as the old town of Cáceres, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, and leads to cultural landscapes such as the Talaván reservoir with its rich fauna. There are several cheese museums along the way - most notably the Centro de la Interpretation de la Torta del Casar in Almoharín. Best time to visit: mid-October during the Casar Cheese Week.