Bright red and sugar sweet: The strawberry route of Plougastel

There is no doubt among Bretons that the best strawberries in Europe grow in Plougastel. The clay and slate rich soil south of Brest, the mild rainy climate is ideal for growing them. The inhabitants of the region dedicate a museum to their premium product - and a strawberry route.
While the museum tells the story of the strawberry of Brittany, originally from Chile, visitors can taste the fruits, visit production facilities or try specialities such as strawberry liqueur on the tourist route - from March to November. Monasteries, churches and abbeys can also be admired.

Canals, rivers, small streams: The rice road of Mantova

In the far west of Lombardy lies the rice growing area of Mantova. For more than 500 years rice has been grown here on an area of about 200 square kilometres. A rice road leads through the flat landscape, criss-crossed by canals and streams, partly through the nature reserve of the Minico Park.
There are countless historic rice mills to see, such as the one at Galeotto near Stradella - in operation since 1765. Also many churches and villas of the rice barons are worth a visit: In the Chiesa San Filippo e Giacomo, for example, the picture of the Madonna of the Travel Fields is kept. Another woman is honoured in the gardens of the Corte Grande: there is the monument of the Rice Carrier.

Castles and churches: The Oil Road of the Pisan Mountains

Monte Pisano is the name of a chain of hills in Tuscany, situated between Pisa and Lucca. As early as the 7th century, farmers laid out stone terraces for their olive groves, on which olive trees still flourish today - especially the varieties Frantoio, Leccino and Moraiolo.
Its oil, spicy with a bitter taste, can be bought on the Olio dell Monti Pisani theme road directly from the local olive farms and mills. The road passes through five municipalities - all of them with historical monuments. For example, in San Giuliano Terme there is a 16th century aqueduct, a 1000 year old basilica or a medieval castle to admire.