08.06.19 - 09.06.19

Turin Coffee

Coffee, milk and chocolate: Bicerin

The Baratti & Milano in Piazza Castello. San Carlo, founded in 1822 on the square of the same name. Or vs-a-vis Torino.
Turin is famous for its many historic cafés.
When the black bean was banned as devil's stuff in Rome around 1800, the liberal bourgeoisie of the city enjoyed a cup of bicerin.

The drink made of coffee, milk and chocolate that Alexandre Dumas loved so much is still very popular today. And the people of Turin never miss an opportunity to indulge in coffee house culture.
This is not surprising: after all, it was a native of Turin - Angelo Moriondo - who invented the espresso machine in 1884, without which many Italians would be unthinkable to live.

The Turin Coffee Festival offers a good opportunity to get to know the coffee scene in the Fiat city: every year in June, the large and small coffee roasters of the city meet in Piazza Carlo Alberto and invite you to taste their specialities.


In addition to the café stands, there is also a stage where coffee is discussed and cooks show why beans belong not only in the cup but also in the pan.
Around 30 baristas will be serving 28,000 cups of coffee over the two days. There will also be small dishes, sweets and cocktails based on coffee.

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Turin Coffee
  • Place: Piazza Carlo Alberto in Turin
  • Time: early June
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