05.08.21 - 09.08.21

Carlingford Oyster Festival

Oyster stand at the Carlingford Oyster Festival

Ireland's west coast is known for its high oyster quality, but also in the east of the island the mussels thrive splendidly
In Carlingford near the Northern Irish border, for example, a large bay is an excellent location for oyster farming.

The town opens the oyster festival season in early August (there are other oyster festivals in Galway or Hillsborough) - with the choice of Miss Oyster, oyster pearl hunting, a sailing regatta, street artists and a market with food and handicrafts.
A must: the oysters, but also the local speciality Chowder, a seafood soup.

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Carlingford Oyster Festival
  • Location: Carlingford
  • Time: early August
  • Price: The event is subject to a fee
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