23.02.24 - 25.02.24

Cheese fair of the Alentejo

Cheese fair in Serpa, Alentejo

Nisa, Évora and Serpa are considered strongholds of traditional cheese production in the Alentejo
Raw sheep's or goat's milk is used to make aromatic cheeses with a protected designation of origin, such as the buttery Serpa. A cheese made from pure sheep's milk curdled by a Cardo artichoke brew. 

Show cooking at the cheese fair in Serpa

At the beginning of the year, the cheesemakers of the region gather in the old Roman town of Serpa and present their products.
There are tasting stands and cheese workshops - also for children. It is shown how sheep are sheared and chefs present their skills.

Rafting tours can be undertaken on the Guadiana. Or you can visit the large castle wall or the aqueduct.
Of the many cultural events, one stands out: the Alentejan choir groups with their a cappella chant, which Unesco has declared a World Heritage Site.


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Cheese fair of the Alentejo
  • Location: Serpa, Alentejo
  • Date: End of February
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