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Cheese Market in Gouda

Dealers at the Gouda cheese market

The market in Gouda is particularly popular. From April to August it takes place in front of the Goudse Waag merchant's house, built in 1668. Apart from the market in Edam, it is one of the few that does not serve any tourist purpose, but enables the farmers of the area to bring their cheese   - literally - to the market.

Cheese market in Gouda: Cheese loaf at the market place

In front of the scales, farmers negotiate prices with traders. And as has been the custom for centuries, the sale is still sealed by a handshake.
The cheeses are transported in and out on cheese wagons and after sale are weighed in the listed Goudse Waag.
The Cheese Museum housed there shows visitors how the famous Gouda is produced.

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Cheese market in Gouda
  • Location: Gouda, Netherland
  • Date: From April to August
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