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Cherry Fair in Witzenhausen

Cherry Experience Trail in Witzenhausen

Since 1573, the Kesper - Lower Hessian for cherry - has been cultivated in the fertile valleys of the Werra. At the end of April, beginning of May, 150,000 cherry trees transform the land into a white sea of blossoms, which visitors can discover on a specially created cherry experience trail. The harvest of the red stone fruit begins in mid-June.

Cherry Fair in Witzenhausen

At the height of the harvest, the people of Witzenhausen celebrate their Kesperkirmes - with parades, a squeaking duck race on the Werra and the German championships in cherry stone spitting. The record - set in 2003 by Thomas Brübach - is an incredible 24.33 metres.
The programme also includes a children's festival and a church service. And cherry juice instead of water will flow from the market fountain, the Kump, on the festival days.

Cherry Queens in Witzenhausen

On Friday evening, the organisers invite you to the Red & White Party in the Old Town. Dress code: red and white! Saturday, after a festive service, the city centre becomes a big coffee table with lots of spit cake - cherry cake with cherry stones.
Sunday then the entry of the Cherry Queen and her court. After the coronation procession through the town, the new Witzenhausen Cherry Queen is crowned. The aspirants have to face an entertaining competition.

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Cherry Fair in Witzenhausen
  • Location: City Centre of Witzenhausen
  • Date: Second Weekend in July
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