17.10.22 - 31.10.22

Chestnut Festival of Collobriéres

Chestnut Festival of Collobriéres: Artisan Market

The event takes place every year at harvest time on the last three Sundays in October. The whole village is on its feet when the numerous craftsmen of the region - between 100 and 150 stalls stretch along the main street of Collobriéres - present their goods and their knowledge.


Chestnut Festival of Collobriéres: Traditional Dances

Bruderschaften der Kirsche, der Kastanie oder der Feige ziehen in historischen Gewändern durch die Gassen - gefolgt von Musikkapellen und Tanzgruppen. Auf dem Markplatz zeigen Folkloregruppen traditionelle Tänze der Bauern der Region.

Chestnut Festival of Collobriéres: Freshly roasted chestnuts

Chestnuts roast in cast-iron pans on glowing coals, their fragrance taking over the whole village. And the local museum uses historical machines to show how the autumn fruit used to be made into a delicious spread.


Worth seeing: Chartreuse de la Verne


The surroundings of the village are also worth a visit: the Maures, the dense forests and fertile hills, were already inhabited by the Celts, as the menhir of Saint-Guillaume, for example, proves. The Chartreuse de la Verne is worth a visit: the fortified monastery surrounded by huge protective and retaining walls was founded in 1170 by the Bishop of Toulon.

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Chestnut Festival of Collobriéres
  • Location: Collobriéres, Département Var, Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur
  • Time: The last three Sundays in October
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