14.06.24 - 16.06.24

Dumpling Feast

Two thirds cooked and one third raw potatoes form the basis for the Thuringian dumplings
without which in the middle of Germany - and not only there - no Sunday roast is imaginable.
The round delicacy is said to have been invented by the cook of the mayor of Meiningen, who handed over the recipe with the remark "Hüte es (Guartd it)“.

Parade at the "Hütesfest" in Meiningen

Whether true or just nicely invented, the inhabitants of the city – locates in the Franconian south of Thuringia - celebrate their Hütes on a weekend in mid-June with a festival.
The big dumpling dinner is introduced with the Hütes ritual: The youth theatre Tohuwabohu shows on stage how the potato came to Meiningen.

Hütesfest: evening concert

On Sunday there is a procession through the streets. And in the city center on four to five stages music groups of most different Couleur play: from skirt over Pop to blowing music and hit play.
In the context of the celebration also the potter market takes place. In addition there is a multicolored program for young and old.

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Dumpling Feast
  • Location: Centre of Meiningen, Thuringia
  • Date: middle of June
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