Festival of Offal

Limoges: Frairie des petits ventres, festival of offal

Tripe and pork snouts, rumen and mutton feet:
in Limoges the butchers have always used the complete animal - and produced specialities known far beyond the city limits.
Andouillettes and Fraise, for example: Sausages made from offal and veal tripe.

Sausage stand at the offal festival in Limoges

Many of these specialities can be tasted by residents and visitors every third Friday in October - at the Frairie des petits ventres.
With this festival, the Brotherhood of Butchers celebrates the good old days - when its guild was still rich and powerful and decided the fate of the city.

The streets of the historic district around the medieval Place de la Motte are filled with barbecues and mobile stoves, the smell of roasted meat is everywhere and all day long blood sausages, mutton balls, tongue, rumen or stuffed pig ears are eaten.
But there are also sweet treats such as chestnut cake or buckwheat pancakes.


The highlight of the event, which lasts until late into the evening, is the procession of the statue of the Virgin Notre Dame de la Pitié - led by the mayor of the city and the members of the guild, who have dressed themselves up in historical garments.

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Festival of offal
  • Location: Place de la Motte in Limoges, Departement Haute-Vienne
  • Date: Every third Friday in October
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