Fishing Festival Tom Bawcock's Eve

According to legend, it was Tom Bawcock who saved Mousehole from starvation in the 16th century:
When stormy winds kept the fishermen from going out for weeks and emptied the pantries, Bawcock set sail the day before Christmas Eve - and returned with a net full of sardines.


The Stargazy Pie

From the fish, the fisherwomen prepared a pâté for all the villagers: the Stargazy Pie.
The peculiar and charming dish - fish's heads and tails protrude from the dough - is also the focus of the annual Tom Bawcock's Eve fishing festival.

In a large, colourful lantern parade, the community moves towards the festively lit harbour, singing songs and tasting the pâté.
A Santa Claus distributes mistletoe twigs, the pubs beer and cider and a music band create the atmosphere.


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Fishing festival Tom Bawcock's Eve
  • Location: Port of Mousehole, England
  • Date: 23 December
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