07.06.23 - 11.06.23

Franconian Beer Festival

Castle moat in Nuremberg during the Franconian Beer Festival

Nuremberg's landmark, visible from afar, is the Hohenzollern Imperial Castle: with its three large bastions, the multi-story imperial stables and the moat.
There - against a historical backdrop and between meter-high walls - events take place regularly. One of the most beautiful is the Franconian Beer Festival.

Beer tapping at the Franconian Beer Festival

Almost 40 breweries exhibit their fine country beers every year: More than 100 varieties - from full-bodied Schwarzbier to hop-bitter Märzen and spicy Weizen.
There are hardly any limits to the variety.
The only important thing is that the beer does not come from large industrial breweries, but from mostly family-run small or medium-sized businesses.

Fish fry at the Franconian Beer Festival

In addition to the liquid bread, there will be Franconian brandies and liqueurs- and typical Bavarian-Franconian dishes: snacks, baked fish or even an ox from the grill.
Rock bands, brass bands or Franconian songwriters play on four stages during the five days of the festival. There will also be games and activities for children.

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Franconian Beer Festival
  • Location: The moat in Nuremberg
  • Date: June
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