26.04.24 - 28.04.24

Lampreys Festival

Lamprey fishermen in Galicia

Even the Romans prepared delicious stews from the lamprey
. And the Parisians were once so fond of the gill-bearing vertebrate that they drove towards the merchants from the southwest and bought the goods from the cart.


Dish of lamprey

Today, the tasty fossils - lampreys have existed on earth for around 500 million years - are eaten mainly in Galicia and Portugal:breaded, braised, grilled or a la Arbo, cooked in white wine and their own blood.


Feast of the lamprey in Arbo: tasting of the dishes

Arbo, located on the Miño, is the secret capital of the lamprey and one of the six municipalities along the lamprey route.
The Galician border town celebrates its lamprey festival in mid-April - with traditional Galician music, numerous tasting stands and local wines.

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Lampreys Festival
  • Location: Town Hall Square of Arbo, Province of Pontevedra
  • Date: Always the last weekend of April
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