06.06.21 - 07.06.21

Mint Festival in Piová

Piová Massaia in the evening

Besides wine, peppermint is the main agricultural product of Piová Massaia
. The nutrient-rich soils of the area are ideal for growing medicinal herbs - a task traditionally performed by women.

Mint festival Profumata Menta

Once harvested, the mint is dried and sold as tea, processed into sweets and distilled into a liqueur. Essential oils and perfumes are also produced in the small community.
In order to further promote the cultivation of mint, the Mint Festival has been held every year since 2012.

Children serve mint tea at the mint festival in Piová Massaia

The whole of Piová Massaia is on its feet: there is a market with plants and products, visitors can get to know the production of mint oil - or try a special mint menu.
There is also music and theatre, guided tours and lectures on the history of the city and its eponym Cardinal Massaia.


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Mint festival in Piová
  • Location: Piová Massaia, Province Asti, Piedmont
  • Date: First weekend in June
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