15.01.22 - 16.01.22

Pig Slaughter Festival in Besse

Sausage sales stand at the St. Cochon festival in Besse

Huge oak and chestnut woods stretch out on the low and medium-high slopes of Cantal
: Ideal conditions for raising pigs. The remoteness of the region also forced farmers to keep four different types of stocks: cured, dried, smoked or cooked in a glass.

St. Cochon: public slaughter of pigs

In the middle of the cold season another pig was slaughtered. A tradition recalled in the small town of Besse with the Saint Cochon festival.
The event starts early with a big tasting of bacon, blood and liver sausages, rillettes, aspic or pig's heads.


St. Cochon in Besse: musicians


The butchers will then show you how to flame a pig, remove the bristles and cut it up. Around noon the organizers organize a banquet in the community hall.
In the evening, a traditional beet soup is sold for the benefit of cancer aid. Street musicians provide entertainment throughout the day

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Pig slaughter festival in Besse
  • Location: Besse in the department of Cantal, Auvergne
  • Date: middle, end of January
  • Price: The pig menu in the community hall is subject to a fee
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