14.09.22 - 16.10.22

Festival Rota do Petisco

Poster Rota do Petisco 2019

What tapas is for the Spaniard, petiscos are for the Portuguese: small snacks
that are served with beer or wine and are as varied as the world-famous variant of the big neighbour.


Pousada de Sagres at the Rota do Petisco

Travelers who go to the Rota do Petisco can convince themselves of this.
One month in spring or autumn, more than 300 restaurants and cafés - from the eastern Algarve to Aljezur on the west coast - offer fine dishes fresh from the sea and small stews with meat, but also refined delicacies for vegetarians.

In order to enjoy the delicacies, you need a passport, then you can buy a petisco and a drink for three euros in the participating establishments.
From each passport sold - it costs 1.50 € - one euro goes to social projects of the participating communities.


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Rota do Petisco
  • Location: Various municipalities in the Algarve
  • Time: One month in spring or autumn
  • Price: The event is subject to a fee
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