20.05.22 - 22.05.22

Snail Festival by LLeida

Already in the morning, Campos Elíseos Park and the surrounding streets are filled with people in colourful T-shirts, the identifying marks of their Peña, their club. Gas burners are lit under huge pans. A scent of olive oil, garlic and snails soon catches in the treetops.

The vineyard snails - usually dipped in a simple garlic mayonnaise - and washed down with a vinto tinto or a cerveza, is indeed the main protagonist of the fiesta - but by no means the only highlight.

Festive marches, live music and fireworks also provide atmosphere. Snail races also take place - on the short track: 50 centimetre sprint. And in the centre of the four-square-metre park, a nine-storey castells is being built: the traditional, house-high Catalan tower made of daring people, the smallest at the top.

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Snail Festival by LLeida
  • Location: Campos Elíseos Park in Lleida, Catalonia
  • Time: End of May
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