13.08.22 - 14.08.22

Spreewald Cucumber Day

Spreewald gherkins are healthy and tasty - and Brandenburg's best-known product. In Golßen on the edge of the Glogau-Baruther-Urstrom valley, the inhabitants celebrate their famous speciality, introduced by Dutch refugees in the 16th century, once a year.

On two days in August, around 100 traders from the entire Spreewald region present their cucumber specialities: As mustard or sour gherkin, with spices and herbs such as basil and lemon balm or pickled , wine or, nut or cherry leaves.
Between the town hall and the Spreewaldhof cannery, visitors can experience traditional crafts and Sorbian customs.

There will be concerts, folklore, cabaret and dance on several stages. On Saturday at noon, the gherkin king and queen will be crowned on Golßen's market square.
After the ceremony, the regent will tap a barrel of the current season's Spreewald gherkins, which will then be distributed to the visitors.

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Spreewald Cucumber Day
  • Location: Marktet Place in Golßen, Brandenburg
  • Date: Second weekend in August


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