17.02.23 - 18.02.23

Truffle Fair in Abejar

Truffle Fair in Abejar: Competition of the Biggest

The province of Soria, which belongs to Castile, is Spain's mushroom heartland. More than 1700 different species of mushrooms grow in the country's largest contiguous forest area around the provincial capital of the same name, 150 of which are edible.
In addition to porcini mushrooms, chanterelles and noble stimulants, one of the most sought-after species is the truffle.

Truffle Fair in Abejar: Exhibition of the Producers


Abejar - a community of 300 souls in the Comarca de Pinares - dedicates a fair to the precious mushroom at the end of February that attracts truffle lovers from all over the world.
For two days there will be discussions about the right "cultivation" and about the training of truffle dogs.

Truffle Fair in Abejar: Dog at Truffle Hunting

There will be guided visits to a truffle finca and competitions to find truffles with dogs.
And also the biggest truffle from Soria is awarded - and the tastiest truffle menu.
Other regional specialities such as cheese and wine can also be tasted.

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Truffle Fair in Abejar
  • Location: Abejar in the province of Soria, Castilla y Leon
  • Date: mid February
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