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Cacciucco Pride

Cacciucco Pride 2021 poster

Few dishes are the subject of as many legends as Cacciucco. The fish stew from Livorno, it is said, was invented by a lighthouse keeper. Because he was not allowed to use the expensive oil to fry his fish, he cooked them in a tomato sauce without further ado.
Another story tells of a fisherman's widow whose children begged for various fish scraps in the neighborhood. With stale bread, the mother made a tasty stew out of it.

Little Venice in Livorno

Another legend believes that the court originated with the Ottomans. From there an escaped galley slave brought it back to his hometown. In any case, it is certain that Cacciucco alla Livornese is the emblematic dish of the important port city on the Tyrrhenian Sea. The pride of the Livornese, to which they celebrate once a year a great popular festival.

Livorno celebrates the Cacciucco

The festival lasts three days and every year thousands of visitors flock to the city. The program is really extensive: there are photo and painting workshops and those that show how to clean and fillet fish.
Discussion events on topics such as sustainable fishing are planned - as are trips out to sea or through the canals of the Borgo district, which are somewhat reminiscent of Venice.

Musicians and DJs play their records in several places in the city center. Food stalls, beer and wine tastings will ensure that no one goes hungry or thirsty. A highlight is the feeding of the 500 at the cruise terminal. A dinner with piano accompaniment in the open air (where the Cacciucco is of course the center of attention).
If you can't get tickets for this, you can get an authentic cacciucco served up in a number of restaurants.

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Cacciucco Pride
  • Location: Various places in Livorno, Tuscany
  • Date: Mid-September
  • Price: The event is partially chargeable
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