Cheese Festival in Gruyéres

Gruyéres in the Swiss canton of Fribourg

The alpine season begins in Gruyéres in the Swiss canton of Fribourg with the cattles drive on the alpine meadows: dozens of colourfully decorated animals and their shepherds make their way to the summer pastures.
The great event, which seems to have the whole of Gruyéres is up, is an opportunity to honour the region's premiere product with a celebration: The Gruyère cheese.

Cheese stand at the Gruyéres cheese festival

The aromatic hard cheese, weighing 35 kilos, has been produced in the village cheese dairies of western Switzerland since 1115 - from 400 litres of fresh raw milk from cows that feed on pasture grass in summer and hay in winter.
After several months of maturing, during which the cheese is regularly turned and rubbed with salt water, Le Gruyére is produced with a protected designation of origin.

Gruyére is the main attraction at the festival and is offered for tasting together with other famous cheeses from Switzerland and Italy.
There are also other local products to taste, such as bread, meat platters and wines.

Alphorn blowers at the Gruyéres cheese festival

But there are also regional crafts such as shingle making, the production of wooden cream spoons (for the famous Gruyère double cream) or bobbin lace. Musical entertainment is provided by the alphorn players, who are accompanied by flag wavers.

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Cheese festival in Gruyéres
  • Location: Gruyéres in the canton of Fribourg
  • Date: early May
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