Opening of the Richerenches Truffle Market

Richerenches Truffle Market

The Richerenches truffle market takes place every Saturday from mid-November to mid-March:
Under old plane trees on the Cours du Mistral, truffle farmers walk unobtrusively through the crowd to offer their wares for sale like smugglers.
They are equipped with an old plastic bag or sports bag, into which you can take a look if you are interested and, above all, take a deep breath.

Richerenches truffle market: music band at the opening

If the contents pass the scent test, they are weighed and bought in bulk. Retail sales are in the adjacent Avenue de la Rabasse.
The official start of the season is the lifting of the Ban de Truffes on the first Saturday in December. The Brotherhood of the Black Diamond and Gastronomy parades through the streets of the Templar City, founded in 1136.

Richerenches Truffle Market: Entry of the Brotherhood

Truffle hunting with dogs, tastings, conferences and literary cafés on the theme of truffles are organised and the city's restaurateurs serve special truffle menus.


Richerenches truffle market: blessing of the truffles

In the middle of the season - on the third Sunday in January - a mass is held in honour of the truffle. The most beautiful mushrooms are displayed on the altar and auctioned afterwards on the market square - for the benefit of the parish church and St. Anthony, the patron saint of truffles.


Truffles at the Richerenches market

There are dozens of truffle markets and festivals in France. Here is a small selection from the south of the country:  

   Aups, in the Great Square. Every Thursday from 25 November to 10 March.
   Carpentras, in front of l'Hôtel-Dieu. Fridays from 8.45am, during the winter.
    Chamaret. Every Monday morning from mid-November to mid-March.
    Grignan. Tuesday mornings from mid-November to mid-March.
    Lalbenqu. Rue Principale. From 1 December-Tuesday, every Tuesday until mid-March.
    Montségur. Thursday mornings from November to March.
    Nyons. Thursday mornings from mid-November to mid-March.
    Riez, at the Café de France. Every Wednesday from 10am.
    Sarlat, Place Boissarie. Every Saturday morning from December to the end of February.
    Valreas, Every Wednesday from mid-November to mid-March.

But also in Italy, in Alba or San Miniato they honour the precious mushroom with festivals.

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Opening of the Richerenches Truffle Market
  • Location: Richerenches, Provence
  • Date: First Saturday in December
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